Monday, March 30, 2009

Dreams Do Come True!

If you are viewing this old post, you may want to slide on over to which is my new web site where I currently blog. It's for LDS attachment parenting moms.

For a over a year now I have wanted to do a conference for LDS moms on natural mothering. I wanted to have a place for LDS moms who are into homeschooling, TJED, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, NFP, gardening, herbs, and whole foods to connect and learn.

This is a picture of Leslie Householder and me. If you don't know who she is, just go to She is the author of the Jackrabbit Factor book there free as a PDF file. I absolutely love her rags-to-riches story. You can read about it at I am so excited to announce that she is speaking at my natural family living conference coming up. It's coming true! I have handpicked all the speakers and they are experienced speakers on their topics. This is going to be a blast.

So if you are into prosperity, homeschooling, gardening, natural healing, attachment parenting, and LDS living, please come!

Go to to learn more!