Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Conveyor Belt Entertainment vs. Leadership Art: The Choice that Faces Every Family"

My dear friend Aneladee Milne of Bountiful, Utah spoke about media. Two years ago I read a book that really jived with the TJED teaching of conveyor belt education and leadership education. (If you don't know what I am talking about, go to and read more there.) This book, Parenting Well in a Media Age, by Barbara de Gaetano, claimed that media is dominated by a faceless, profit-driven, commercialized industry. This industry is toxic. It kills our spirits. The author contrasted this industry with a personally-generated culture that authentically comes from within ourselves. I thought, aha! This is just like the choice we each have to accept a conveyor belt education (which is not necessarily toxic overall, but is toxic to leadership and liberty) or a personally-customized leadership education for ourselves and our children.

This topic is so important for every parent to grasp. We don't have to be consumer units, constantly programmed by a faceless industry to accept their ideas of fun. We can create our own music, art, our own fun! I battle with this every day as a mother, and I must admit we do watch videos and I do use the TV as a babysitter. I do limit those times though. My children watch only videos I have personally selected and approved. I heard Aneladee speak years ago and it is because of her that we cut off our network TV reception. We can only watch videos and DVDs on our TV.

Aneladee said so many amazing things. She said that all of earth life is a search to reconcile ourselves with the will of God. Her mention of Plato and Moses in the same paragraph fascinated me as she explained this concept. She has strict boundaries. Rock and roll music and video games are not allowed in her home. She boldly said that video games do nothing to bring us to the will of God and are a complete waste of time. I appreciate her rare bold stance. She talked about three main things: music, interactive gaming, and movies. I can't wait to hear the whole talk on the recording!

(Over a month later.) I just listened to the whole talk this morning and loved it! I will have it available for purchase soon.

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