Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can You Have a True Queen Without a King?

OK, I know I am way behind when it comes to pop culture. I just watched Princess Diaries 2 with my two daughters and mom for a "girls' night" while my dh and four sons went to the annual Fathers' and Sons' campout last Friday night. This is something that our ward does every year to commemorate the restoration of the Aaronic priesthood in the LDS Church. Anyway, the movie is probably four years old or more. So I am sure that what I am about to write will not spoil the movie for anybody, I am probably the last woman in America to watch it! Even my nearly-70 year-old mother had already seen it.

I was left wondering about the movie. Was it right for Mia to still get to be queen after she emotionally betrayed her betrothed and went on a "date" with that other guy, even spent the night with him, although supposedly, "nothing" happened? The biggest question of all is, can a queen be a true queen and rule a kingdom properly without a husband? The whole gist of the plot was that she had to get married in order to fulfill the law of the kingdom and be a proper queen but in the end she convinces the populace and the parliament to change the law and let her be queen without a husband, since she wasn't really in love with the man she was engaged to.

I was left with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth with this ending. This was a nod to the popular feminist notion that men are disposable and not needed. Sure, a man can be a nice accessory for a woman's pleasure, much like a scarf or piece of jewelry, but in the end he is not really needed and can just as easily be cast off. That's what many in our society proclaim. Yes, a woman can manage life without a husband. Yes, women are capable and just as smart as men. Yes, a woman can run a home and family without a husband, as many single women do. But, it is not easy or the best or the ideal state, for a woman to be without a man, or for a man to be without a woman. I think most single parents long for a friendly companion to share the burden of parenthood. It is best for a queen to have a king to share the burden of governing a kingdom.

The restored gospel of Jesus Christ gives us the answer to the question of the title of this post. The answer is "no." We are told in the scriptures that a man can't enter the highest kingdom of heaven without a woman married to him, eternally sealed through a priesthood ordinance, and the same goes for a woman. You can have a "queendom" with just a queen, but a traditional kingdom, in the best sense of the word, takes a king and a queen, who are equal partners. A statesman or stateswoman, as any true king or queen desires to be, desires to improve the state or condition of whatever circumstance he or she happens upon. The ideal or best condition for a kingdom is to have a true queen, a woman, with a true king, a man, at her side.

I am happy that the movie ends with Mia and Nicholas acknowledging their love for each other, after her coronation. This implies that they will get married. It would have been so much better if they had been married before the coronation though.

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