Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Teaching Children How to Work"

I have become good friends with Christine Mullins, a homeschooling mom of seven who lives in Hyrum, Utah. She runs an amazing home and family that is focused on becoming great in all areas of life: physical, financial, emotional, social, and mental. They have systematized the chores in their family and get them done as quickly as possible so they have lots of time for service to others and developing their talents. Unfortunately, her DVD presentation that she sent to represent herself (she stayed home because she is eight months pregnant and not up to traveling) didn't work. But, the good news is that her Web site (, will have the presentation up there soon! She said that it will be up and running on the site in a few weeks.

A few things from the presentation that I remember (I previewed it at home before I planned to show it) are: 1.Don't do anything for your child that they can do themselves. and 2. Gently show your child how to do the job you want them to do by doing it with them, even taking their hand gently under yours and doing the task together. She gave an example of her teenage daughter who needed a ride to her job every day. Christine has a lot of little children and did not want to be loading them up to drive the big sister to work every day. So she told her daughter that she would show her how to ride the bus every day to her work so that she could ride the bus, even though the daughter protested and said, "But all my friends' moms drive them to work!" So one morning all the children and mom went with this teenage big sister on the bus to her job and then she rode the bus every day after that to work.

Two other resources that have helped me greatly in teaching my children how to work are the books The Parenting Breakthrough by Merilee Boyack, and W.O.R.K.. by Debbie Bowen. You can probably find both at

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