Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Spontaneous Healing"

Wow! Cliff is an amazing man. I wish I had been able to hear all of his talk, just as with the other speakers. He told an amazing story of the power the body has to heal itself. He said that when he used to work at BYU in the Brimhall Building as an adjunct professor of art, he couldn't find a parking spot. So he went over to that quaint little house across from the McKay Building (it used to be the home of the President of BYU, back in the Pat and Jeff days) and asked Sister Holland, who happened to be outside the home, if he could park there. She said yes. He went to move a sign out of the way and the heavy metal chain sliced his fingers. He rushed into the building, put his hands together under running water, and focused his thoughts on the hands healing. After a long time, he turned off the water. The bleeding had stopped and the hands were much better. I got a copy of his book. It tells of acupressure points to use in helping the body to heal. It's full of beautiful illustrations done by Cliff himself. Contact Cliff at 801-766-9191 for a copy.

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