Friday, May 8, 2009

"The Blessings of Children and Fertility"

I was so honored to have Joyce Kinmont speak. I have been going to her conferences for years, ever since 1997, when my oldest child was three. She is the head of LDSHEA, an association for LDS homeschoolers. She used to have a conference every summer, the day before the UHEA conference, in June. It was at her conference that I first heard Oliver DeMille speak and then later, in June 2001 at her conference, I got to hear Oliver and his wife Rachel speak. That talk they gave about how children have missions impacted my life and I know it has others.

Anyway, it was a statement in one of Joyce's books that inspired me to see children as blessings and fertility as a blessing. She said that we often think we are made to have X amount of children instead of thinking, "What can I do to increase my ability and capacity to have the amount of children God wants me to have?" We can increase this ability through exercise, improved nutrition (Jonell Francis, who I refer to in a post below as she spoke as well, is a great example of this) and other means.

Joyce told me that a few things she said "came out wrong" and that she is going over her talk to edit it and will then post it on her Web site,

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