Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Funerals: Dignified, Inexpensive, and Eco-friendly"

My dear friend Joyce Mitchell of Orem, Utah spoke about funeral advocacy. Some might think that was a strange topic for a natural living conference but not when you stop to think about. A lot of the attendees at the conference are into home birth, home food production, and home birth. What's next, but home funerals? It's important for us to know what our rights are concerning the care of our loved ones when they pass away. I am so grateful that Joyce has gotten into this and can be a clearinghouse of information. I didn't hear all of her talk but I did see her citation of a free PDF ebook that helps with funeral planning. See

This is a picture of my speakers and the staff who helped me with food and registration over lunch. Joyce, in the far right upper corner, is passionately talking about the funeral consumer. It was so tremendous to me to have so many of my dear friends from different circles of my life (my Veggie Gal friends, my TJED public speaker friends, my sister, and Leslie Householder) in one room sharing a meal. If only it could have been longer!

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