Friday, May 8, 2009

"How to Attract Prosperity as a Stay-at-Home Mom"

I first read Leslie Householder's book, Hidden Treasures: Heaven's Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters, over two years ago. When I read it, I got this warm, amazing, comforting feeling (it must have been the Spirit) telling me that I would get to meet Leslie someday and she would become a part of my life. Well, that dream came true last summer when she came to Utah to speak. When I met her in July of 2008 and got to talking with her I had this vague sense that I actually already knew her. We got to talking and found out that we had been in the same MLM in our newlywed days in Provo, Utah back in the early 1990s and went to the same meetings for it. So I can say I knew of Leslie before she "made it big." She has made it big! See her story at The pictures of her living quarters before and after her success are astounding.

I invited Leslie to come and speak because I think many naturally-oriented moms get stuck in a rut like I have thinking with financial limits. We tend to be so frugal that we think we have to make do with what little we have and make everything from scratch, down to our own baking soda sometimes. I think it's important to learn the laws about money matters that Leslie teaches in the book I mentioned above. We can have a bigger pie instead of making do with the small slice of pie that we have. We can attract all the financial blessings God has in store for us, regardless of the size of our husband's income. Leslie has written another book that complements the aforementioned. It is called The Jackrabbit Factor. The principles can be applied by anyone to attract wealth. You can get a free PDF copy of it at

Leslie shared her story about her struggles. She has struggled with depression over not being perfect. Interestingly, Leslie said that her mother made sure she got a college education, because her mother felt that the lack of one was a disadvantage to her own financial success. Leslie's mother wanted to make sure Leslie did not have the same disadvantage. Leslie said that even though she had a college degree, she still struggled financially. It was so refreshing hearing from someone who has succeeded financially that she had struggles. That makes success seem possible for the rest of us.

It's not just coincidental that the logo for Leslie's company, Thoughts Alive, is a tree. How perfectly that fits in with the Tree of Life Mothering concept! As Tree of Life Mothers, we can be abundant producers, just like trees are. This abundance can flow relatively easily as it does with a tree, without frantic activity, by following the natural laws of abundance that Leslie teaches. Leslie was mentored by Bob Proctor, the old white-haired guy in The Secret, so she knows them well.

(As an aside, it was so fun to see Leslie speak with a friend of mine, Wendi Jackson, a homeschooling mom from Salt Lake, who attended the conference. Wendi's sister-in-law is married to Leslie's brother-in-law. Leslie credited Wendi with being a source of inspiration for her to homeschool. Little did Wendi know! It was fun to see this chance meeting take place. We never know who we are influencing.)

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