Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Living Hell: Illness and Healing Crisis

Do you ever have those times in life when waking up in the morning is a groan? I just went through a two-week period of intense pain. Sleep was the best way to escape it. I have had hayfever-like symptoms: constant itching eyes, runny nose alternating with a stuffy nose, and watery eyes. I felt like scratching my eyes out or even dying, the pain was so bad! Taking care of my family of eight took a back seat to taking care of me. I have never been so fatigued in my life. I had to lie down and sleep several times a day and put a hot washcloth over my eyes to relieve the itching.

If only I could just reach for something and make it go away! Claritin and Benadryl were looking mighty good. But since I am naturally-oriented, I don't like to just take drugs to cover up symptoms. I like to get to the root of the problem. And I am pregnant anyway so I had more reason to find alternatives. I wondered, am I allergic to pollen? Am I having a leaky gut that is sending something into my blood, forcing me into histamine overdrive? Was my liver reacting to a toxic overload, causing me to cleanse? I felt like this huge well of mucous, constantly flowing over. Every morning I would wake up with agony, crusty eyelids, congested head, and all, thinking, "oh, I am still sick. Another day to endure."

I talked to different people and took different natural remedies. My midwife suggested I get a neti pot. I have always wanted one of those things, and I attracted it for free! My husband went to the local health food shop to get one and it turned out they had one to give away at no charge because it was in a damaged box so had become a store sample. That did clear up my nose somewhat, at least for a few minutes at a time. I ended up taking the following: homeopathic tablets, freeze dried nettles, megadoses of Vitamin C, tahitian noni juice, lemon juice with peppermint oil and lemon oil, local raw honey, and MSM.

The hardest thing of all was figuring out what to eat. Was something I had already been eating causing these problems? And who wants to fix food for themselves, let alone their family, when they are feeling lousy like this? I asked my husband to fix dinner one night, my visiting teachers another night (and the spread they brought was truly tremendous and delicious, believe me, in fact we made it stretch out for two meals.) They ate a lot of sandwiches, canned soup, toast, and chips and salsa. Dr. Christopher's son, David, told me over the phone to go off all dairy and grain. That's been really hard. I am one of those people who love cheese and yogurt. If I have to avoid dairy I feel like that one comedian, Brian Regan, who says he feels everybody near the dairy section at the grocery store has party hats and is celebrating and he was to walk by it, missing out. I can easily avoid milk but I do enjoy a hunk of cheese and my daily fix of yogurt, especially when I am pregnant and or nursing, which is the standard quo for me.

My mother-in-law determined through energy work that I was not reacting to something in the air, that this was a cleanse my body was going through. I thought back to a time I heard Paul Leatham, an iridologist, speak about healing crises. He says we take in toxins into our bodies and once or twice a year normal people have what is commonly called a cold to clean out these toxins. If major housecleaning of the body is needed then the cold is more pronounced, it is more of a healing crisis, accompanied by intense pain and discharge. Was that ever happening! My eyes felt like they were being rubbed on the inside by sandpaper. If these colds or healing crises are covered up by toxic medicine and the body is not allowed to release the toxins then worse health problems happen later in life, even cancer perhaps.

I am happy to report that my healing crisis is over. Whew! I am grateful for good books and the Internet to read, and my iPod to listen to, while I am sick to distract me from the pain, for a bed to lie down, and for normal life. During this whole thing I heard that a friend of mine who is living in China had her home she left in Seattle burn down by arsonists. That made me sad for her of course and me more grateful for my own problems.

In addition to the gratitude I felt for my problems, some other good came out of this healing crisis. I learned that some homeschooling friends I have known for years are into natural healing as well and have been doing Quantum Touch. I went to take my daughter's lunch to her at her Shakespeare play dress rehearsal (yes, I still had to do driving around and other mom things during all of this) and these friends did an energy session on me right there. You can learn more at quantumtouch.com. I don't know if the work helped or not, but I do feel better less than a week after they did the work. I definitely have more compassion for people who have to suffer longer than two weeks with chronic illness and pain.

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  1. Sooo glad you are feeling better! I had a doozy of a cold the beginning of May (10 solid days), I was much sicker than the rest of my family. Perhaps it was a bit of a cleanse as well.