Monday, May 11, 2009

Natural Family Living for LDS Moms Conference

Here is a summary of the talks from the first ever Natural Family for LDS Moms Conference that I hosted three weeks ago on April 25th in South Jordan, Utah. These pictures show the attendees of the conference, and then my good friend and LLL co-Leader Amy Ihrig talking with Leslie Householder, author of The Jackrabbit Factor and the keynote speaker at the conference. Amy is sharing with Leslie the finer points of babywearing. Leslie is holding the baby of my friend Shauna.

We had a marvelous time! It was so energizing to feel the synergy of women involved who are all interested in some or all aspects of LDS living and a naturally-oriented life, such as gardening, natural healing, whole foods, attachment parenting, and natural childbirth. You can read my summaries of what I heard below. I missed parts of every single talk so I could attend to various details out of the room. Those of you who went, please add comments below after each talk. As I get the recordings and watch them, i will add more to the summaries. Thanks for being patient for the recordings. I don't know technical stuff so I am depending on other people to help me with it and they all have busy lives.

I hand-picked each speaker to address some of the topics covered by my book, Tree of Life Mothering Volume I, which will be available this summer. I intend to give LDS natural moms a guide to ideas and resources that will make their lives full of more health, happiness, and freedom. The flow of the conference roughly followed the flow of the book. To get a basic idea of what Tree of Life Mothering is all about, read my posts below about the Tree of Life Motif and the older post about Liber Mothering.

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