Friday, May 29, 2009

So What Can I Eat?

It was a week ago today that I called my mother-in-law and asked her to do muscle testing on me to determine what was going on with my body. (See the post two times ago for more on my symptoms.) She has studied educational kinesiology (edu-K) and is very expert at muscle testing. So she tested me over the phone and said that I was going through a cleanse, not having an allergic reaction. I asked her to test for me and see if I should stay off grains and dairy, because that's what David Christoper suggested. She tested and said yes. I had already been staying off them but wanted her to check. I asked her to test how long this would last and she said it last until Monday night.

Sure enough, by Tuesday morning I was feeling MUCH better. No more itchy, watery eyes and I didn't feel like my head was a balloon, so congested it was about to explode. Hooray! I decided I would some eat some yogurt. I was hoping that the avoidance of dairy and grain was only supposed to last until Monday night. I ate the yogurt (plain, with molasses added, just how I like it). By afternoon my eyes were watery again. So I am wondering if my body started having an allergic reaction to the yogurt, so I'm off it again.

Then last night I decided to try eating some grain and had some rice with my taco salad. Today my eyes are watery again. Oh, I also, consumed some peanut butter mixed with chocolate covered raisins because I was so desperate for something sweet and fat. So the watery eyes could be from that. I am getting very tired of eating like a rabbit with a green drink for breakfast, and a salad with avocado for lunch and dinner. I asked my sister-in-law for ideas on what to eat since she avoids gluten. She says that she loads up on sweet potatoes. That has helped to satisfy my craving for something bulky, but I am getting tired of those too.

I really don't want to be on a grain-free, dairy-free diet the rest of my life. I've checked into some recipes for sprouted grain stuff, maybe my body can tolerate that. Did I mention that I am pregnant? That makes me extra hungry, almost constantly wanting to bite off hunks of cheese or devour a leg of chicken every hour. Maybe I just need more protein. I think I will try that.

If anybody has easy, tasty meal ideas that are grain-free and dairy-free, similar to those in my friend Jonell's cookbook (see more on her in one of my older posts) then please email me.


  1. You can check out my blog www.dinnerwiththe I just started it, so there isn't too many recipes yet, but my family eats mostly a vegan diet high in raw fruits and veggies (there are a couple recipes with grains...we can tolerate those as long as they are whole grains- and we do sprout a lot of our grains). If you haven't already, check out some raw food recipe books or websites. There are so many things you can do with a whole foods diet that doesn't use grains or dairy. My favorite site for great recipes is, but there are so many others. Good luck to you!! Feel free to email me anytime with questions at

  2. Celestia, I'm in the same boat as you. 5 months pregnant and trying to cut back or avoid gluten and dairy. I have some recipes on my website Rice does not have gluten, so you should be fine with that. Oats have a trace amount, sometimes, so they should be okay. Corn and quinoa are also safe. I would recommend a handful of nuts every time you start feeling hungry. The protein and fat will help curb the gnawing hunger while you find something else "safe" to eat. Good luck!