Friday, May 8, 2009

"How to Garden with Little Children"

Vernie Lynn DeMille of Paradox, Colorado, grew up on a farm and married a farmer, so farming is in her blood. She and her husband William know how to grow things. They have started a CSA in their community (see to learn what a CSA is) and do weekly Internet lectures on topics related to gardening and farming.

The mirror in the picture on the right has an inscription that says, "A garden is a gift." Vernie explained how having your children help you in the garden is a gift to them. They learn about consequences relating to actions by how they treat their garden and they learn about starting over when the garden doesn't work. Vernie said a great way to involve children in gardening is to grow things that are really big or really litte, or things with unusual colors or shapes.

She also gave four gifts that come from gardening with children, using the acronym, "GIFT:" G is for gratitutde, I is for independence, F is for forgiveness, and T is for Time with them.

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