Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Power of Fasting

For most Latter-day Saint Christians, today is a day of fasting,prayer, and testimony bearing, known as Fast Sunday. It is not for us because our stake is having stake conference, with Elder Robert D. Hales. My husband and I got to hear him last night at the adult session, and it was such a spiritual treat. (More on that later.) So we had our Fast Sunday last week. We fasted for some much needed blessings.

I know that fasting works. I have several stories of the power of fasting, and I thought I would share one with you every Fast Sunday. Last New Year's Eve, our dog, Roxy, ran away. We had left to spend the night at my mom's to celebrate with my children's cousins. We asked the neighbor girl to come feed Roxy that night and the next morning. Roxy got scared with all of the firecrackers going off for New Year's Eve and ran away. Our neighbors saw her tear down the street, the fastest they had ever seen a dog run.

So when we got home on New Year's Day, she was gone. That was Thursday. On the following Sunday, Fast Sunday, we fasted and prayed that she would come back to us. Well, after church, my son, who is 15, was coming home from collecting the fast offerings and he found her walking up the street back to our home! She had been gone for three days and four nights, who knows where, out in the freezing cold winter, without the protection of her heated dog house. She was limping and her paws were bloody, but she had come home. Our fasting and prayers were answered.

My husband and son took her to the vet and we found out she had broken a leg and needed an operation. The vet estimated from her bloody paws that she must have run for miles away from our home. The operation was successful and she has healed. We are grateful for this miracle. But if there is a next time, we will fast that she comes home healthy!

I think fasting works because it draws upon the power of our thoughts to put laser mind energy on what we want. My friend and best-selling author, Leslie Householder teaches about the power of thoughts in her books, The Jackrabbit Factor, (get a free PDF copy at and in Hidden Treasures (order at You can watch her present "The Stickman concept" on (just type in her name in the search box) for more about the power of thoughts. When we fast every time we feel hunger pangs we can repeat in our mind the prayer or request to God of what we are fasting for. Fasting helps us direct our thoughts towards what we want. God has told us that whatsoever we ask in the name of Christ, believing that we shall receive, we shall receive.

The power of thoughts is real. You can learn more about the power of thoughts by studying the work of a Japanese scientist at and his book, The Message of Water. Water that had positive energy sent to it by people's thoughts or just by the label of a beautiful word shows beautiful crystal formations. And what is prayer and fasting but positive mental energy? If you have any stories about the power of fasting, I would love for you to share in the "comments" section.

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