Saturday, June 13, 2009

She Wore a Skirt and Smiled About It!

My youngest child, who I call Glory, age 3, has been so unpredictable. I have learned not to count on her wearing anything that I want her to wear, unless I want to put a battle up for it. I do this every Sunday when I put a dress on her for church. I let her wear boys' clothes the other days (she raids her brother's dresser) but I do put my foot down on Sunday. So many people think I have four little boys when I go places with her three big brothers (the oldest brother, age 15 is usually at home) and her in tow, wearing boy clothes. It doesn't help that my genes produce bald babies that don't get much hair until after age 4. My other daughter (age 13) was never like this and loved to dress in pretty clothes, often changing her clothes six times a day. It's hard not to compare the two.

Somewhat sadly, I took the luscious pink velour jacket and matching skirt set that I had been wishing she would wear for over a year now and put it in the D.I. box. Lo and behold, miracles happen! She came to me a half hour later, having donned the pink jacket and wanted me to zip it up. Then later on she came downstairs while I was reading and announced, "I am wearing a skirt!"

I just had to take a picture while she was so enthusiastic, so here it is. Miracles do happen!

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