Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sometimes Little Sisters Are Right

Ooooh, I just have to tell you about this set of books I recently finished reading. My younger sisters had both recommended this set to me. This set of books is by the author Thyra Ferre Bjorn, who was born in Sweden but came to the United States with her family as young woman. It took me years to read them. I was somewhat skeptical, thinking, "How could my sisters notice a book that I missed?" After all, I had been the one to introduce Anne of Green Gables to them and some other great books.

Finally I swallowed my pride and looked for this book at the public library. I read the first book last summer and the next two this past spring. I have to agree, these are among my favorite books. It's actually a trilogy. My public library has the books as three in one volume: Papa's Wife, Papa's Daughter, and Mama's Way. Out of the three, Papa's Wife is probably my favorite. Sometimes I read so many "heavy" books that I need something light. Especially if I am pregnant, sick, or postpartum. But I don't want brain candy. I still want something meaningful. I am almost seven months pregnant and was recently very sick with hayfever. This trilogy is what got me through without scratching my eyes out.

So This trilogy fits the bill perfectly of wanting something light but meaningful. The first book is about the author's family when she was growing up. She was the daughter of a Baptist preacher in Sweden. The story of how her parents got married shows how clever and determined her mother was. Her father was stern, but loving, and her mother was a generous, loving, hard-working, God-believing woman who shows how to be a great wife and mother. The stories of the family's adventures are cheery and delightful. The whole book feels like a blythe summer day, light and happy. Her mother's pluck will make you laugh.

The second book is not so light. The author, who is the main character (yet she writes in third person) does experience some tragedy in her adulthood. Her faith in God brings her through. Finally, in the third book, she speaks in first person. We hear her tell of her "Mama's Way," which is to have faith in God and pray, knowing that your prayer will be answered. She tells several stories of how her own prayers and those of her friends were answered. I love hearing these stories of miracles! I also enjoyed hearing her tell he mother's version of the story of the prophet Enoch. Latter-day Saint Christians have an extended story of what happened to Enoch. It is fun to hear other Christians' interpretations of Enoch's story. The author also describes how she became an author and a public speaker and the different people she met as she traveled and spoke.

So if you want a yummy summer read, something that is happy and bolstering of your faith in God, grab these books and dig in!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. When life slows down here a bit I will check them out.

  2. They sound good. My library has the first two but not the last. Do you think they are books I should buy or just borrow? If they're something my kids will like in the future then I'd rather buy them.