Sunday, July 19, 2009

Almost Heaven, Yet Stressful

What do the following all have in common?

-living within 100 yards of a swimming pool
-playing Boggle at 9:30 PM
-seeing people I haven't seen in 20 years
-sleeping in every morning
-cutting ten inches off of my daughter's hair
-someone breaking into my house, and then police coming over to check the scene
-packing and then unpacking for a week away from home for our family of 8
-watching BYUTV
-connecting with a brother and his family who have been in China for over two years
-hearing my children complain that they are bored despite being surrounded by siblings and cousins
-sending a son off on Scout camp to go rappelling and hiking for three days
-reading one of Dr. Laura's books
-having a birthday party for my son
-walking in on a room full of teens and tweens at 10:45 PM who have no adult supervision and hear them claim that they can't go to bed yet. This is because they haven't started their "game night" because they have been talking. (This is the night before a 10 AM checkout and nobody has done any packing.)
-feeling deliciously buoyant at 8 months pregnant
-going swimming again after we got home because of one more party
-not having to fix dinner every night
-getting a foot massage from my little sister

All of these things happened in my life this past week. I think I am ready for another vacation! Needless to say I hope I don't see this much excitement all in one week until the birth of my seventh child in a month. Every year my parents invite my four siblings and me and our spouses and children to come vacation at condos in the Marriott timeshare vacation system. It is always a lot of fun to escape the routine of everyday life. Each family gets their own unit and we are usually all on the same floor. It seems almost heaven to be on vacation with my parents, siblings, and the cousins so close.

I have to say this year was the most eventful one yet. We slept in almost every morning, went swimming almost every day, and visited with family. My mom helped the grandkids do beading projects and watercolor paintings. I listened to two of my kids complain about their cousins not wanting to do anything so therefore they were bored.
Halfway during the trip we got word that our house had been broken in to, but it turns out it was just the little neighbor boy coming over to play with my kids. He got too curious and decided to slip in through a back door that was accidentally left unlocked after no response came from knocking. Thankfully, all he took (as far as we can tell) was a Buzz Lightyear toy and a light saber, which he left on our grass. My husband came home during the middle of the week to send my son off on Scout camp to find all this out (and make sure the door was locked when he came back).

My third son turned 8 so we had a big party for him. He got a skateboard and pegs to put on his bike. Now the four-year-old thinks that when he turns five next month we will come back to Park City to celebrate. I got to talk about China with my brother who has lived there for the past 2 1/2 years. I connected with my family but also had some personal and alone downtime. I got to learn about J. Reuben Clark and Henry Eyring by watching BYUTV. I watched a DVD presentation by Leslie Householder. I read a lot of one of Dr. Laura's books. My daughter wanted her hair cut so I cut 10 inches off for locks of love and then my artistic sister evened it up. We each took turns fixing dinner and that was heavenly to have such a long break from thinking about what to have for dinner and preparing it. I enjoyed playing Boggle with my siblings and talking with them about what books they are currently reading. My son left to go hike in the Uintahs. When he got home on Saturday I found out he did a lot more rappelling than hiking and he even did it "Aussie style." (I am glad I was not there to watch that- Google that one if you want to know more.)

To top it off, on Friday night, I left the family enclave and went to my 20-year high school reunion with my husband and two youngest. How strange to see people from my past 20 years ago. I enjoyed mixing and mingling. I probably did more talking with a dozen people from my class than I ever did in high school, as I was extremely shy back then. See my next post for more on that. Then after we got home and unpacked we got ready to go out again and attend a picnic and swimming party for all of my midwife's clients, past and present, at North Ogden's water park. So, I think my pregnant adrenals and edemic feet have had enough fun for a week and it's time to enjoy the routine life.

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