Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Secret of Organization

I have found the secret of organization. Here it is in 10 easy steps.

1. Have six kids. (Don't laugh! You'll see my point in a minute.)
2. Get pregnant with #7.
3. Have a mother-in-law who is in tune with the Spirit.
4. Live in an 1800 square foot house with a one car garage. Therefore feel like there aren't enough shelves, closets, or cupboards for storage.
5. Have edemic feet that are so stiff they feel like bricks.
6. Have a mother-in-law who calls you up one day and says she feels prompted that she needs to show her love to you by helping you organize and nest before the baby comes.
7. Let her come up. She helps the kids pick up the apricots from the tree in the backyard. She takes one look at your edemic feet and announces she is coming back for another stay the following week.
8. Tell her thank you and let her come, even though she wants to work the day you have a lunch planned with your girlfriends.
9. Go to your lunch, then your prenatal appointment, then the temple.
10. Come home and find that your garage, pantry, and fridge are cleaned and organized! Bless and pray that she won't get sick from this huge energetic output.

There it is. May you all be blessed with the gem of a mother-in-law that I have.

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