Monday, October 19, 2009

I Feel Humbled

After that last post I had a revealing thought. I realized that the woman who wrote the sickeningly sweet blog that I was complaining about (the wife of the classmate I had a crush on in sixth grade) was willing to share a problem on her blog that I've had and haven't been willing to publicize to the world, let alone my closest friends. So I feel humbled to know that and I will stop feeling harsh about her.


  1. Good for you. We learn things, don't we? All of us are dealing with stuff, Celestia. I couldn't handle yours and you couldn't handle mine but if we love each other--and I do love you, so very, very much--it takes some of the sting of the trial away. You are so courageous, doing so many, many things right. I'm glad you are my friend.

  2. I guess you asked to get slapped and now you did eh? It happens to all of us!