Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Somebody Slap Me

When I have the rare free moment, like in the middle of the night when my newborn won't go back to sleep, I take a peek at a blog written by the wife of the guy I had a crush on in sixth grade. I thought about giving you the link but that just seems so voyeuristic. I don't know about you all, but I don't like the typical mommy blogs, especially the "Molly Mormon Mommy" Blogs. They are disgustingly and annoyingly shallow. Brimming with pictures of perfectly groomed, smiling children at overly-commercialized birthday parties or outings, they present the scenario that life is all about what we look like and what we consume for parties, holidays, and outings.

Just once, I would like to read a blog that presents some problems. "The dishwasher is broken and it will be next month before we have the money to fix it. I couldn't afford a birthday present for Sally so we gave her homemade presents. Our Dad is out of work but we are fasting and praying that he will find something. I took our only queen-sized bedspread to the laundromat to wash since it won't fit into our washer at home and it got stolen. The dog ran away and after months of praying he came home, but was injured. We had to take him to the vet to get checked out and the bill came to be $800. The kids are constantly fighting and I can't get Jr. to stop picking his nose..."

OK, OK, so it's no fun to read a list of complaints. I agree. I guess I don't really want to read negative stuff either, but I would like to read more than just an entry about what people did or ate or got for presents. I would like to read more about what other mommies are thinking, what they are reading, and how they are connecting with their children so they see a sparkle in the child's eyes that doesn't come from something that was bought. If my life ever becomes so shallow that all I write about is my daughters' hairstyles, their clothes, or outings we go on, somebody please slap me.


  1. Celestia,
    Congratulations (again) on the birth of your new little one. You are an amazing mom and do many things. I found that my blog time now actually takes up journaling time but hope to publish last years blog (as a journal) before this year is up. (Yes, I am that behind). It has been nice to blog and have extended family know what is happening. (My own family does not read my blog). It is also nice to connect with other moms and learn that we are not "alone" in mothering as I sometimes feel. It has been fun to visit your thoughts. Thanks.
    Julie Campbell

  2. Believe me, those mom's have troubles galore. They just keep them under wraps. There could be several reasons and perhaps the most prevalent one is that they don't want Mormonism portrayed by someone who is having problems, real problems, with their kids or that their husband can't support them. They might be blogging to hope someone might see Mormons in a positive light. Try not to judge, Celestia. Every time I do that Heavenly Father eventually shows me I was wrong. I know you do so much more than other women but maybe they are doing all that they can. Some blogs I visit just for the light hearted laughs. One day one of these women "let it all hang out" and I realized she shows the world the best she can. She has a large following and I know she has impacted other's lives with her humor and goodness. And now we sympathize with her too as she has problems, just like everyone else, or maybe even worse. I love her for her honesty and love her even more for her willingness to let me loose myself with her light heartedness.

  3. Sometimes I wonder how my blog looks to the average person. Do I complain too much, not enough, act like an idiot, think I know everything?

    I have struggles, I learn through them and I write about it. Hopefully it seems real because that's my life!