Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baptized on halloween?

Finally I felt ready to have the big event. A baptism and a baby blessing the same day. My son turned eight last July but we felt he wasn't quite ready to get baptized right away. I also had a baby the next month, in August, and that consumed my brain for the month before and after. Finally we felt up to it and asked the bishop. He gave us permission to do both events the same day. I also finally had my camera back from getting fixed so I could take pictures of the family who would come up. The great thing about deciding to have my son baptized on Sunday, the same day his baby brother was blessed, was that he didn't get baptized on Halloween, like the rest of the stake candidates. So two days ago we had the big event for our two sons and it was a glorious day with extended family. The pictures of this red letter day will be up here soon.

I used to love Halloween as a kid but then when I was about 13 I read an article about it in Dear Abby about its negative aspects and that planted a seed to boycott it. Two years of trick or treating with my first two kiddies in the cold was enough to cure me of it. I've haven't been since my oldest daughter was 1. I've always wanted to have a big Harvest Party in its place but when the time comes I hardly feel up to it. I did organize one last year but it was basically a flop. So I am thrilled that Lara Gallagher from is doing a Harvest Carnival next year. Go to her blog to read more about it. If you are in northern Utah, please plan on coming!

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  1. I'm happy you're excited about the ball next year! I hope we can get lots of people there and make it really fun!