Thursday, January 28, 2010

Start the New Year Out Right

Did you know that even if you aren't rich or famous, you need a will?

If you own a home or have children, or both, you need a will. Let's face it, you aren't going to live forever, despite what Suzanne Somers says. If you don't put into a legally-binding piece of paper (a will) what you want to happen to your home or your minor children upon your death, the state will decide.

Would you rather decide what happens to your property and your children, or the state? I mean, we are talking the difference between you, the expert on your life and your best interests, and a bloated bureaucracy.

I know you have been putting it's not exactly fun like planning a vacation. Many people put more thought into planning a trip to Disney World than they do their wills. But here's the good news....

Now you can get your will done from the comfort of your own home, even in your pajamas, thanks to the Internet! Start the New Year out right by setting your house in order.

Just email my husband, Dan Shumway, at to get started on your will today at a low price ($300 for a simple will) with no hassle. You can email him all the information or speak to him on the phone. You can get a discount of $50 for each friend or family member you refer who get a will done through me. Just think, if you refer six paying friends, you can get your will done for free!

He is an attorney in good standing with the Utah State Bar. He is a lawyer with a heart (yes, it's possible) who will help you preserve the legacy you deserve to leave. Email today!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

So How Was Phyllis?

The Eagle Forum Conference with Phyllis Schlafly was inspiring! I wish I could say that I got to meet her but I missed my chance. She emerged from the restroom and I walked right past her to go in thinking "Is that Phyllis? I don't know and I don't want to gush over her if she's not. Here is a woman dressed nicely and appropriately old. I guess I will find out later when I hear Phyllis speak." It turned out that it was her! That was my chance to be a groupie and exclaim admiration over her. But really, I am not a Phyllis groupie. I have known of her for a while but I just thought of her as that Eagle Forum lady.

It was only until I heard Julie Earley speak about her from a recording at a moms' retreat that I gained a ton of respect for her. Julie spoke about the difference she made in the fight against E.R.A. I learned that Phyllis is a stateswoman. I regret that I wasn't bold enough to take a chance and ask her if she was Phyllis and thank her for her efforts. I find myself suddenly introverted at turns and retreating into my old high school self, wearing the shy mask, not willing to take risks. (I have made great strides though.) I am glad we don't have public unisex bathrooms. I was a little girl when E.R.A. was in the battlefield. I remember my mom telling me why it wasn't good, and the bathroom thing was a reason she gave.

Phyllis' talk at the conference gave everybody hope. She quoted Joe Biden, saying that for once he has said something important. She quoted him as saying that if the Democrats lose control of Congress this fall in the 2010 election that everything he and Obama are fighting for will go down the drain. So for all of you who don't like what Obama is doing, like universal health care and his other socialist policies, it's time to rally your friends and neighbors and take back America by getting Republicans into Congress.

Phyllis said that we need to get Republicans into Congress because third party candidates have never won any major elections. Disgusted with the Republican party, I became a card-carrying member of the Constitution party a while ago. I want people who stand for the Constitution in office. But with Phyllis' urging, I will be voting for a Republican this year for senator. She said that we can get Republicans into office if we start at the grassroots level and work and rally to get good delegates for the caucus meetings, which I think are at the end of March for Utah.

Last fall I read Glenn Beck's book Arguing with Idiots because Julie Earley recommended it (book review here will be posted soon, or you can become my friend on to read my review). I already knew our country was going down the socialist path. It was refreshing to read someone in such a visible position say the same thing and give reasons why, al in a fun and colorful way. If you want an easy to read primer with lots of pop culture references, as to how our country has strayed from its Constitutional roots, this is the book for you. I laughed out loud the most from reading this book than from any book I have read in a LOOOOONG time. I loved his cartoon of the Nancy Pelosi hand gun with its "peace pellets" that send a message of "non-violent defiance." I've been fantasizing about using this book to teach a homeschool class of youth AP Government and Politics. It would certainly ignite a lot more learning than the textbook I used in high school.

After you read that, if you still need convincing that our country is in deep trouble, read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. You will learn that despite the do-goodism of the liberals in our current "nanny state" (read Beck's book to learn about the nanny state) it is actually "smiley-faced fascism" at work. What is fascism? It's not necessarily a dictatorship. It's, according to Richard Maybury, doing whatever the person in charge deems is necessary in the moment, without regard to natural law. If you want a sneak peek at Goldberg's book read about it at wikipedia. It is a much harder read than Beck's book and I couldn't finish it in my fragile emotional postpartum state.

My dear girlfriend Joyce was at the conference. She recommended I go to to learn more about politics, so I am going to do that. There is hope! Phyllis said we can get Republicans to win this fall. She said conservatives have a lot going for them. She cited a statistic which claims that 40% of Americans identify themselves as conservatives and only 20% Americans say they are liberals. Now that we have email and the Internet, we can spread information like wildfire and rally like crazy to change the course of our society's future.

She suggested we form study groups in our neighborhoods to study the Constitution to increase public awareness about what is wrong with our elected officials and how they have strayed. She said that in the '60s and '70s. these study groups were spearheaded by Cleon Skousen and Fred Schwartz. What perfect timing! Just the week prior, I had been contemplating joining a study group for the book The 5000 Year Leap, written by Skousen, and the Constitution. The exciting thing is that this study group is digital, so any of you can join too. Go to Don't delay, the class starts the first week of February.
Let's take back the America that our Founding Fathers designed! Let's increase our virtue and ask that our elected officials exercise fiscal responsibility and accountability to the Constitution. We can't know if they are straying unless we know the Constitution ourselves.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What One Woman Can Do

I know I said once that I wouldn't stay up late to write but my baby just woke me up out of a sound sleep and he won't nurse back to sleep. I really was in bed before midnight, I promise. It was really hard to get out of bed to get up with him so he would stop crying but my mood brightened when I realized I could blog about an upcoming event...

Once upon a time a woman rallied her neighbors and friends to stop something she felt was bad for women and bad for her nation. Because of her grassroots efforts, her telephone tree calling and rallying women to show up at state capitols and pressure state legislators, they stopped proposed legislation, the E.R.A., from becoming law. She argued that the E.R.A. would lead to "women being drafted by the military and public unisex bathrooms."

This woman was attractive, articulate, bright, and educated. She worked as a model when she was young, and went to college and got degrees from Radcliffe and Washington University Law School. She also had a family of six children. She showed what "one woman can do." (I wish I could cue in that song from John Denver right here..."what one (wo)man can do is love...") She knew the importance of being educated on issues and dressing for success, as she taught the women she rallied to know thier stuff and to show up at the capitol dressed sharply, stylishly, and not frumpy. These women had influence and pressured the remaining states to vote down the E.R.A. It needed 38 states to ratify it. When she started her campaign in 1972, 30 states had already done so. Five more states ratified after her campaign started but then five rescinded their ratification.

Who is this woman? Phyllis Schlafly. Now she is 85 and, incredibly, is still active as a social leader as the head of Eagle Forum (see which she founded. She has written over 20 books. She still writes her monthly newsletter and does weekly radio addresses, commenting on social and political issues. The best news of all is that she's coming to Utah to speak this Saturday night in SLC at the Free Enterprise building of the Larry H. Miller campus of the SLCC. See for the schedule and details. I hope to see you there! (I won't be there all day, just in the evening because my family needs me home for part of the day.)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Book Review: TJED for Teens

I am not done with this book, but so far, I really like it. The list of 100 classics to read has some books I really want to read with my teens/youth. I can't wait to discuss these books with them. I really appreciate the simulations at the back and the suggestions of the different roles a parent mentor should take on. TJED has come a long way from the feeling I got from listening to DeMille over ten years ago that was commonly felt among homeschoolers: "Now how do we do this?" This is full of concrete suggestions. I am so grateful that this book has come out noe that my older kids are in the teenage years A much easier read than Leadership Education: the Phases of Learning.