Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Best Baby Shower Gift

So That's What They're For!: The Definitive Breastfeeding Guide 3rd edition So That's What They're For!: The Definitive Breastfeeding Guide 3rd edition by Janet Tamaro

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I had the sweet pleasure of getting a thank you, during the recent Christmastime, for a baby shower gift I gave over a year ago. We were at my mother-in-law's home for a Christmas Eve program. My husband's nephew's wife, Becky, said to me, "I never did tell you what a great gift that was that you gave me at the baby shower I had. Out of all the gifts, that was the best."

That totally made my Christmas! I love giving gifts that people love, especially gifts that encourage and support a woman's God-given ability to nurse her baby. The gift was the book So That's What They're For! by Janet Tamaro. Becky said the book helped her so much. She said she read it before her baby's birth, took it with her to the hospital, and consulted it when she started nursing. She said it helped her overcome some hurdles. She loves the book so much that when her sister was having problems nursing twins, she went and bought the book in Denver and gave it to her.

This is the funniest book on breastfeeding. I love it. I get a kick out of giving it to my pregnant friends at baby showers, especially first-time moms or those who haven't had much success with nursing. I love the author's conversational, girlfriend style. She speaks in the language of Gen X and Y. I appreciate her willingness to tell the truth about artificial baby milk and the ingredients it is made out of, like the cheapest oils available, hydrogenated oils, which are frequently passed over for health reasons, and whey, the waste products of the dairy industry.

So if you want a baby shower gift that stands out from the pile, one that will be remembered and provide lots of laughs as well as information, one that will support a mom to fulfill her God-given gift to nurture her baby, look no further. This is the best baby shower gift.

I love LLL's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, don't get me wrong. That book is great too and I give it at baby showers as well. It just isn't as fun to read. It is written from a grandmother perspective, rather than a girlfriend's. It is currently being rewritten by Diane Weissinger, LLL Leader and board-certified lactation consultant. I have thoroughly enjoyed her writings about breastfeeding (see and click on "starting," "continuing," and "help"). It was her article "Watch Your Language" that shifted my paradigm about the language I use when comparing breastfeeding and bottlefeeding. She and her coauthors are rewriting the WAB to be more "girlfriendly" for the latest edition that will come out this year. I'm eager to see the changes. I hope they keep the grandmotherly wisdom in the current WAB and add some of the zingy one-liners that Diane has come up with. That would be the best of both worlds.

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