Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Friend Tara's Cooking Blog: a Godsend and a Dream Come True

Aack, this week involved the baking of two cakes, one for the Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts and the other for my son's birthday on Friday. For years my family has been afflicted by my desire to bake a healthy birthday cake, one with whole grain flour and whole sweeteners. Sometimes they are passable, other times they taste like cardboard or play-doh. Not that I've ever tasted cardboard or play-doh, I can just imagine what they taste like. My mother and husband are the only ones who really like them, because they don't have a strong sweet tooth. My kids will pass over my passable cakes to eat the cake from a box cakes that their aunts bring to family birthday parties for their cousins.

Well, passable and cardboard cakes are a thing of the past. I discovered that my friend Tara has a cooking blog. This is the answer to my prayers and dreams! That's because this is no ordinary cooking blog (I've been to a lot and they are usually too full of fake food or too raw foody for me.) I've been wanting to find a mentor with recipes that a real family likes to eat based on Nourishing Traditions, the cookbook by Sally Fallon. That cookbook teaches that the most wholesome foods are those that involve whole, real food, including some animal products from animals that were pasture fed or cage free. Fallon teaches that grains should be eaten the way our ancestors ate them, after being soaked and or sprouted, to get maximum nutrition.

The problem with her book is that, with over 200 pages, it is so overwhelming. Enter Tara. See She has recipes for busy moms. Tara is a homeschooling mom so you know her time is at a premium! I am so grateful that she has chosen to share her recipes with the rest of us!

Lucky for me, the most recent recipe was a birthday cake. Before I tried it out, I made a cake for my son's Blue and Gold Banquet using a recipe that was not Tara's. I insisted on using whole wheat flour and whole sweeteners, of course. The cake looked horrible. I had to triple the recipe to accommodate what my son wanted, which was to have even cake to make a step pyramid cake since we have been studying ancient Egyptians in our homeschooling. Att he same time I added more butter and honey because in the past it has tasted too dry and not sweet enough. I was feeling rushed an hour before the party and didn't want to take the time to hunt down my recipe for made-from-scratch-wholesome ingredient frosting so I just winged it on the frosting. As a result, the cake was rather homely. My only consolation was that it looked like it was made by an eight-year-old instead of a seasoned homemaker and cook, which I am not apparently. The cake won "Most Mysterious" which is a kind way of saying, "Uhh, gee, we aren't sure if we can eat that thing or not. It looks like a lump of mud covered with semi-gloss paint."

So two days later I made Tara's cake and it turned out fabulous, I am happy to report. May we have many more wholesome birthday cakes to come.


  1. I love those recipes. I became a follower on your blog. Become one on mine too.
    Kelly Tippetts

  2. I laughed out loud at your cake experience, because mine has been exactly the same. Thank you for posting this at TJEd Muse. I have been praying for something like this!

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