Friday, March 5, 2010

Discovering Christ in All Things

The Hidden Christ: Beneath the Surface of the Old Testament

My rating: five out of five stars
For all of you James Ferrell groupies...a book review of his latest and greatest...
Ferrell amazes me with his scholarly ability to keep track of the details of so many characters in the Old Testament. He has such a great mind for picking up on symbols and linking them to the Savior. In this book he shows how at least 15 or so characters are key similitudes of the Savior Jesus Christ because of their traits that are similar to Christ's. Appendix A sums all that up. He also lists the ancient temple, the House of Israel, and the trait of wisdom as symbolic of Jesus and why. No way could all of this come about by random. The way all of these hidden symbols point to Christ testify of a God designing it this way to testify of His son Jesus Christ. The chapter on the use of chiasm in the Bible and the chiastic history or the earth was cool as well.

His study of Abigail in this book actually led him to write the Peacegiver, a book he is probably the most famous for.

The concluding paragraph was my favorite, "The story of Christ's life and the history of His gospel speak to us from every verse of scripture. This is the hidden testament of Christ, that He lives, and that He has prepared the way that we might live as well. May we like the disciples of old, discover his life and gospel more fully, so that we might come more fully to Him, and be blessed with life and the 'great joy' He promises to those who follow him."

If you've read his other books like the Peacegiver and the books from the Arbinger Institute, youre gonna love this. I found a cool talk by Brother Ferrell that he gave at SVU, the only private LDS liberal arts college. He tells 3 fun stories of his own self-deceptions. One even happened not far from my home along I-15. I love his ability to sympathize with the human condition and explain the stories from the scriptures to point us all to Christ. It's at

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