Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Finally Remembered and Prepared for Easter

A Christ-Centered Easter: Day-By-Day Activities to Celebrate Easter Week A Christ-Centered Easter: Day-By-Day Activities to Celebrate Easter Week by Janet Hales

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I finally remembered a few weeks ago and dug this book out. Every year in the past we dig it out on the Monday or Tuesday before Easter and then I remember, oh yeah, I was going to start this on Palm Sunday. Not only that but I was also going to start my spring cleaning weeks ago to get my home clean to harmonize with Christ's act of cleansing the temple before his atoning sacrifice and resurrection. So I have been dejunking somewhat and it feels good to get my home clean for Easter.

This is written by my husband's cousin, Janet Hilton Hales, and her husband. It has great ideas for what scriptures to read, and activities to do every day for the week before Easter with your family. I love the stories. At last, an LDS perspective on how to make Easter the highlight of your year!

Here are some of the other activities suggested:

-Learn an atonement hymn and resurrection hymn as a family
-Have a Jerusalem dinner on Easter Sunday with the foods eaten in Jesus' time
-Make oil lamps like those mentioned in the parable of the Ten Virgins
-Make Easter cookies which you place overnight in the oven (i.e. tomb) and then discover the next morning that they are empty or hollow
-Do a family service project
-Teach your children the doctrine of baptism for the dead by having a family treasure hunt with clues that teach about this doctrine (you get the clues from the book). The treasure, eternal life, is something sweet like ice cream.
-Tell the Easter story with small tokens like a rock, white cloth, thorn, nail
-Read Easter stories from this book. One is a personal story from Cousin Janet's sister, Cousin Lynne, about her son healing from a debilitating disease. You can find Easter stories in LDS Church magazines. Go through your old stash if you are a packrat like me or search online.
-Have an family testimony meeting on Easter Sunday when you share your testimonies of the risen Lord.

Cousin Janet recommends getting out the Easter baskets and candy on the first day of spring, which this year was two weeks ago. It gets tricky when the first day of spring and Easter coincide to the same weekend like they did two years ago. I prefer to have an Easter egg hunt and baskets on the Saturday before Easter. We get natural candy from the health food store and use those to fill plastic eggs. I emphasize to my children that the egg symbolizes new life and Jesus is the source of new life. After the hunt we watch LDS Church movies about Easter while we eat our candy, namely, The Lamb of God, and Finding Faith in Christ. Thursday I will post some healthy chocolate Easter candy recipes I got from my girlfriend Caralee!

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  1. I just put the book on hold. Too bad I didn't know about it sooner. I've been dejunking myself, but I never thought about harmonizing it with the story of Christ cleansing the temple. I'm going to research that. Thanks for the idea.