Sunday, March 21, 2010

It Was a Blast

You know how sometimes you read mommy blogs and you think, wow, your life seems to be the parental nirvana suburban life with perfect children. The picture some moms paint seems blissfully materialistic. I feel tempted after reading them to think that being a mom is all about coming up with entertainment and novelties for children such as great clothes, parties, movies, trips and toys.

Well, you won't find that here. I love fashionable clothes, parties, trips and toys as much as the next gal but I want to talk about more than that. Here I like to write about the great books that I am reading as well as with the family, the great people we get to meet and know in our neighborhood, church, and community, the great dinnertime conversations we have, the great discussions we have in my Sunday School and Relief Society meetings, and the great times we have at homeschooling conferences. I also throw in a little about about the problems we encounter just to show the human, messy side of my life.

We went to the Thomas Jefferson Education Forum yesterday in Salt Lake. I can't wait to write a blog post about each amazing speaker I heard. This is the first time we took our new 12 year-old to a TJED conference. It was my husband, my three oldest children, my baby and I. Grandma generously babysat the other three kids. At the last minute, the night before, I was asked to fill in for a volunteer at the registration desk who had to back out at the last minute to help care for his goat's brand new kids. (I'll refrain from making jokes about homeschoolers and goats and how they seem to go together.) I already had a ticket to the forum in exchange for volunteering for the Family Ball in the evening. But with this extra volunteering I was able to get a HUGE discount off all of the recordings of the talks. I can't wait to get them all as downloads for my iPod. Can you see more blog posts about all these talks coming? Stay tuned...

I went to bed at 1 AM the night before after convincing my daughter that we should give up fixing her dress for the ball that we had miscommunicated about. (lesson for next year- if she says "Yes, I could wear that," when I suggest a dress she already has to wear, but hasn't worn in a long time and seems new to me, she really means, "Um, no I am planning on getting a dress a few days before the ball and changing the sleeves, which will involve lots of hand sewing and tears since the sewing machine is broken." So much for my previous blog post about how much fun and what a great boding time it is for mothers and daughters to prepare for the ball together.)

We got up at 4 AM to get to the Forum by 6 AM, dressed in Sunday best and ready to volunteer (4 of us) and fill our minds with nuggets of truth. It was so fun to help at the registration desk like I did last year and visit with my friends Emily Clawson, Brandi Palmer, Michele Smith, Emily Satterthwaite, and Jeniece Sloan. I got to go to a few classes and say hi to so many of my friends. I had a chance to talk with Stephen Palmer, of the Center for Social Leadership. ( I got to meet and chat with James Ure in person, who is the headmaster of Williamsburg Academy , which is where I want my scholars to attend in the fall. It's a cool school that uses the Internet for scholars to attain a leadership education. I got to eat lunch with Diann Jeppson, Kelli Poll, Rachel DeMille, Michele Smith, Heather Burton, Leslie Householder and her husband Trevan, and Rachel Keppner and her husband, by sitting at two different tables for two different plates of food. That was fascinating conversation!

I felt inspired to revamp my closet of learning games and manipulatives so that it has more of a Mary Poppins magic feeling. Thanks to Mary Ann Johnson, the closet mentor for that. See I also felt a call from Rachel Keppner (to spend more time with my children, doing things that only a mother can do for them.

Then I got to help with the ball registration. Actually my son and husband filled in for me most of the time because my four-year-old daughter threw a fit in the car on the way to the ball from Grandma's house and refused to get into her pretty dress. I descended into the dungeon of the parking garage under the SLC Hilton Hotel to coax her to eat her dinner (a banana- she refused to eat at Grandma's house) and get her dressed in the car. I never did changed into my own ball clothes after the escapade with my daughter or do my hair up like I had planned. I was too tired to dance since my baby had hardly napped all day and we stayed too late. We finally came home, after waiting eternally in the dungeon for my 14 year-old daughter to appear after supposedly being summoned by her brother.

After we got home, my son threw up on his brother's futon mattress. It was past midnight. My husband and I felt like zombies as we stripped the heavy mattress of the sheets (he) and cleaned the floor (I) and then collapsed into bed at 1 AM. (Keep in mind I had had three hours of sleep the night before and had been schlepping my darling, large infant boy around all day. In the sling, but still, he gets heavy.) It was just a reminder that even on the best, most exciting, inspiring and elegant of days, you deal with problems and do work. That's life!


  1. I can't wait to hear all about the talks! I wish I was able to go to something like this - I'm feeling the need for some inspiration lately!

  2. I had so much fun, and it was so good to see and work with you, Celestia! Thank you, thank you for helping last minute and for speaking up that you'd be willing to help with the registration window if I needed it. I would have been in a pinch otherwise! You're an amazing woman, and I'm grateful to know you!