Friday, April 30, 2010

A Healthy Ranch Dressing

I just discovered this recipe for Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. You will have to go to my web site to get it. I actually adapted it, but I am so excited because now I finally have a homemade ranch dressing that doesn't involve tofu. Yes, it involves dairy, but if you are using raw milk, or even better, cultured raw milk in the form of buttermilk then the dairy is good for you, according to Sally Fallon. Cultured raw milk has good bacteria that helps you digest your food. You can find a local purveyor of raw milk at

During one of my visits with Caralee, my NT (Nourishing Traditions) mentor, I learned that generally commercially available tofu is bad. (For years I have known that soy food is controversial but I kept thinking that the tofu I was buying was OK. Caralee cited a book that helped me see that it wasn't. The author of this book, Kaayla Daniel, did an article in Mothering that you can read here. I am assuming it is a summary of her book.

For over a decade I have avoided commercially made ranch dressing because it is full of rancid, highly processed oils. They all probably have preservatives made from petroleum as well. I will have to check my Feingold guide on that to make sure. Anyway, I use olive oil in this Buttermilk Ranch recipe instead of mayonnaise because Rebecca Wood, author of the Whole Foods Encyclopedia, told me that commercially-available mayonnaise is all full of rancid oils which is toxic. So sorry to you Vegannaise lovers. I never really liked mayonnaise anyway. We use butter as a sandwich spread and whenever a recipe calls for mayonnaise like for potato salad I just use olive oil.

So go to my web site (link above) and click on Yummy Recipes to find it. We have had it the past two nights. It's so delicious!

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