Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Please Come Join My Party!

It was a year ago this Saturday that I held my natural family living for LDS moms conference. You can go to the website below to buy the recordings of the speakers, which included Leslie Householder, Diann Jeppson, Joyce Kinmont, and Aneladee Milne, among others. This conference was a lot of fun, and a lot of work. My husband said, "never again!" So to honor him, and to make life normal for me ( a new normal now with seven kids, including my nursing baby) I'm not doing one. I am happy to see that Amy Jones is doing one this year. Go to holisticldsliving.blogspot.com/ to see the speakers and to register.

Instead of me doing one, I am having a web site which is like an online conference. You are all invited to join and contribute articles, videos, or links to information that will support an LDS mom in being a healthier woman, wife, mother, and American citizen with a healthier family. My girlfriend Becky Edwards of my Veggie Gals dinner group generously let me upload many of her amazing articles she has written which you can access for free. You can also watch an amazing video that that shows that you can create a garden on your windows using water bottles and $30 worth of supplies. Just think, you can have fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and other food year-round without your toddlers spreading dirt around.

I am inviting each of you to join and contribute your own articles, photos of you breastfeeding, babywearing, or otherwise enjoying your children, or videos that relate to LDS natural family living. Breastfeeding is beautiful and normal! Babywearing is fun! Let's celebrate these natural mothering acts! I would also love to see pictures of dads and siblings with babies.

Let's make this an online TV/radio channel and magazine that caters to our interests. How many times have you read a magazine at a doctor's office or a friend's house and thought..."I don't do that, we don't eat that, that idea won't work for my family." This is an opportunity to create an online place that harmonizes with your LDS natural values.

Come join the party! Just go to treeoflifemothering.com and sign in. It's free! From now on, I will probably do most of my blogging there.

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