Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Harmonious Vibration With Eggs

Be careful what you think about, it just might come true.

Two weeks ago I went through my dresser drawers and closet. I got rid of a bunch of clothes I have had for over ten years. I thought, I need more clothes. These clothes are out of date. It's scary to get rid of them though because I don't know where more will come from. Maybe my sister will give me more clothes. Leslie Householder teaches that if you want something, create a vacuum for it and then the new thing will come. She tells the story of how she and her husband wanted a new car, so they got rid of the present car her husband was using to commute in, and within a month they had the car they wanted.

Sure enough, the following Sunday at our family dinner in Highland at my parents' home my sister announced she had some clothes to give to me. Hooray! These clothes included two pairs of denim capris that fit perfectly and three stylish tops for summer. I just won't think about the fact that they are probably her "fat clothes" and she is losing weight much faster than I am. We both have the Sudweeks' genes that holds on to fat instead of the Shurtliff genes like our other sister, our mom, and one of our brothers, which allows one to burn all fat ingested, including however much ice cream and brownies taken in. She said that if I didn't want them she would give them to her friend. I thought, whew, I guess my thinking about wanting clothes sent the vibes to her to prevent her from giving her friend first dibs.

So last week for lunches I was thinking how I like to fix scrambled eggs and wishing we had more eggs. We went to the wedding reception for our nephew James on Saturday night. This complete stranger came up to my husband and asked if he likes brown eggs. She said she had lots of extra eggs from her chickens and would he like some. Then she produced two dozen eggs in cartons and handed them to Dan. (This urban chicken keeping thing is amazing. Everyone is getting in on the act. I went to pick up my son from his friend's house and they had baby chicks in their living room!)I had been on the phone with my girlfriend Tara talking about Leslie Householder's teachings. Tara said that awhile ago she was thinking that they, her family, hadn't been to California in a long time. She wished they could go. A few days later, her mom-in-law called to announce that her brother had died and invited them to go to the funeral in California. Her wish came true, and they went off on their trip to see family and reconnect. Another day she was wishing she had a mixer and a few days later one showed up in the mail, I think from her mother-in-law.

So I am visualizing a bigger home while generating positive, grateful emotions like in the book Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie. I am also dejunking and packing things up, to prepare for this move that I am attracting. Maybe it's time to listen to Leslie's CDs again too. If anyone wants to buy the set of seven CDs where she explains the laws of success, let me know. I have an extra set and would like to sell them for $75. They are sold out of the CDs, but have them as mp3 files for $99 on her site thoughtsalive.com. Contact me at celestia_shumway@yahoo.com if you want to buy my set for $75.

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  1. I love your blog! I remember when I first started seeing you at different homeschool activities I thought to myself, "I really want to get to know her!" That was probably 3 years ago, maybe more. I kept seeing you at more events, but my fear that you might not like me kept me from talking to you. I finally got brave and now I count you as a great friend! I wish I would have stepped out of my comfort zone a long time ago!