Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feeling the Magic Again.., these Laws Work!

One of these days, I will start writing about the treasures from my trip. The trip I took to TJED Land back in June. But first I have to share my story from last week. I went to my friend Emily Clawson's class "Proclaiming Your Personal Liberty" last Thursday. I figured it would be a great, cheap date night for me and my husband. The topic, about how to free yourself from debt or addiction, interested me.

Well, when I got there, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a review of the teachings I have learned from my friend Leslie Householder. As I reviewed these ideas, I felt the magic coming back to me. I've gone for months forgetting these teachings. I started to feel the possibility again that my dreams CAN come true. It was so great to feel this power!

At the end, Emily did a drawing for Leslie's new book, Portal to Genius. As soon as she announced that she was drawing a name, I consciously applied the "laws of thought" taught by Leslie in her book, The Jackrabbit Factor. I thought, "I feel so happy that Emily is announcing my name as the winner of the book." I imagined her saying my name and felt gratitude.

Portal to Genius

The first name was one of the followers of this blog, and then...lo and behold...the second winner, was ME! YIPPEEE! I have been wanting this book! So now I am a proud owner of Leslie's new book and am eagerly reading it whenever I sit in a certain spot in this house. (I always have two or three books I am reading, besides, the scriptures, and I read them whenever I sit down at that spot either to eat or nurse my baby.)

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  1. Congrats!!! What a story! I find it so interesting that I just stumbled across Heather Madder's Best Life by Design (at, awesome videos on Youtube too) which lead me to Leslie Householder just a matter of weeks ago, so now I am aware of & share your interest & excitement - just barely! The ideas are transformational. I think I am understanding Faith from a whole new angle now! I look forward to your thoughts and review later :) Have fun reading!!