Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today's the Day!

Today's the day for my online colloquium of Democracy in America by Alexis De Tocqueville. What does a French guy who lived over a 100 years ago know about America? Anybody who hasn't studied this work is an intellectual wimp, according to Kurt Vonnegut. Even if you haven't read any of this, come join us for a fascinating discussion.

It's today at 2 PM. Go to http://zorap.com/wrmdlpi and log in. Please do so about a half hour before the class starts so you can work out any technical troubles. This is new to me too so if it doesn't work we may do this next Tuesday.

If you don't have a headset/microphone or webcam, don't worry. I don't either. I am planning to do this all by typing into the chatbox.

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