Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Catch Me on My Other Two Blogs

I've decided it's time to stop posting blogs here. The weaning process of transitioning to blogging at my other two sites is over. It's too complicated for me to do duplicate and triplicate posts. If you want to see what I'm doing and thinking, please catch me on my other two sites, which each have a blog.

The first is This is for moms who are into Christ-centered natural family living. Those LDS moms like me who like to breastfeed, attachment parent, homeschool, use herbs, garden, practice NFP, and eat whole foods, among other things that are not mainstream in our conveyor belt culture, but used to be mainstream. These are things that give women and society sustainable liberation.

The other site is This is is for moms and dads who are into A Thomas Jefferson Education, aka Leadership Education. You can have discussions and get third party reviews of TJED-based schools, books, ebooks like Headgates, events, and services. It's also a place to share your notes from TJED classes and events. Since I have no financial or familial connections to TJED or GWC, feel free to be candid with both positive and negative remarks.

After over ten years of following the DeMilles and TJED, I've decided that TJED is whole, organic education and bears delicious fruit. So if you' re into whole foods and whole herbs and whole everything, you owe it to yourself to taste whole education for yourself and kids. I resisted TJED for five years or more because I thought it wouldn't work. But after learning more about it, I realized it was the best way to set up my home and life to maximize my kids' learning and promote agency. So far my children's education is turning out great! I have kids ages 14 and 16 who want to study and read all day. (In the name of avoiding "misleadership education," I still think you should require kids over age 8 or so to do math everyday, just like you make your toddler take a nap. You just have to figure out how to make math palatable just like you make taking a nap very appealing to your busy toddler. Leadership Education works for all the other subjects. You TJED purists can now throw rotten tomatoes at me. :-) Just kidding! But I am up to a friendly discussion of what "inspire, not require" means when it comes to math. So let's discuss it on )

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