Monday, December 5, 2011

What We Did In Our School Today 12/5/11

I decided to use my blog site here, instead of my big web site, to keep a log of what we do in our homeschool. Since I love to blog, maybe I will keep a better journal here than on paper of what we do.

  • Virtue attended her government class online at She learned about Cato and how he pertains to American government. Then she prepared for her speech and debate class that is after Honor's class.

  • Honor went to his homeschool speech and debate class at my friend Veann's home with Mr. Martineau. They are preparing for a big debate tournament this Sat.

  • Before Virtue and Honor did those two things above they attended a homeschool seminary class that is early morning at Woods Cross LDS Seminary. This is a seminary class just for homeschoolers. Cool! They talked about Moses and fake sacrifices the children of Israel gave to the golden calf. They said it was one of the best classes ever.

  • Venture and Cowboy and Princessa cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast. They are finally to the point where they can do it without much supervision from me. I had to take their big brother to his debate class, but I unlocked the homeschool closet before I left. When I got back they were engaged in some activities from the closet. I know one of the rules of the closet is to be present. So I am present 99% of the time. I would rather reward them for cleaning up the kitchen with use of the closet than TV or computer time. They were actually excited to use the closet today. They usually are. It's when I start slacking and don't plan, follow their interests and put things in the closet that I know will interest them, that they start to not want to get in there. If you go you can learn all about using a closet in your homeschool and how to get your kids to beg to do school.

  • I played chess with first Cowboy and then Princessa. Cowboy captured my queen but I still won!

  • Venture made an airplane with our new kit, Milestones in Science. He also did a page of math today and helped me fix lunch and clean up after lunch.

  • Princessa made her first sentence today with printed cards that have one word on each card from Diane Hopkins' "Happy Phonics" set. She actually read three or four sentences too! We are seeing progress! She also painted a watercolor picture and helped with kitchen cleanup after lunch.

  • Cowboy practiced cutting and gluing after he made a copy of a solider from his new Usborne Dressing Soldiers stickers. I have finally found something that will interest this child in practicing cutting and gluing. Last week while he dressed the soldiers with stickers I read out loud to him about the Prussians. We learned that King Frederick had a passion for collecting giants, and that he attacked Austria because he wanted more land. The Seven Years war in Europe erupted from that. The war spilled over in America and became the French and Indian War. I read the story from this cool book called A Child's History of the World by V.M. Hillyer that is full of interesting stories from world history.

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