Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Books for 6/7/12

This book is one of my favorite picture books. I love the message that even though  hard times come, children grow up, move on, and then come back to see their father's dream come true. A sweet testament to the power of sharing your vision with your children and having them come back to bless you! Paul Fleischman's father Sid wrote books that I enjoyed as a child. I will have to check out more books from both of them!

This book is so cute! The author perfectly captures the idea of the "closet," one of the ingredients in a Leadership Education. It will hopefully inspire you as a mom to create a closet for your children of changing objects and tools to spark your children on a learning adventure. I am thankful to Mary Ann Johnson over at for sharing it with me, and for mentoring me on the closet! She has fantastic ideas, check out her site! Even if you don't homeschool you might want to create a closet, it's that much fun!

 This is a perfect bedtime story! Not too short, not too long, with a story to think about. Although I am OK with stories of princesses being rescued, I don't think that should be written out. Men and women need each other, we can't truly liver happily ever after without each other. The illustrations are beautiful! I like the summary, so I'll just copy it here:

Four orphaned sisters disguise themselves as men so as to go out into the world and learn a trade. Once each sister has become highly skilled, they join the household of a young king where they rescue a princess and her brothers from the clutches of a dragon. After they've proven that they are not only skilled but courageous, intelligent, insightful, and wise, they have to face one more challenge. Will they continue to convince the king that they're men? And having met four young princes, do the four sisters want to?

Eric A. Kimmel has combined and reformulated two Grimm Brothers stories to give us a view of girls who are active and powerful and good-who do the rescuing themselves and end up living happily ever after. The story takes place in a richly textured court filled with traditional splendor, which Tatyana Uditskaya modeled after sixteenth-century Flemish and Spanish paintings.

The above book is by one of my favorite picture book authors, Teresa Bateman. Read this book if you are feeling blue and want some chuckles! It is about a shoemaker who outwits death with quick thinking and smoothtalking. Very fun! The pictures are a little too stylistic for me, but that's OK.

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