Sunday, October 7, 2012

Books for 10/7/12

I have watched three of my children read this as they've done a scholar project on the Civil War. Now it's my turn because I am teaching the class on the Civil War in our homeschooling Commonwealth School. I love this book! I like how it tells the story of the Civil War in such a memorable way, through the eyes of a family living on an Illinois when the war breaks out. So far it's a great book! 

I heard about this in the Chinaberry catalog. It's about a dad and daughter who keep their commitment to read aloud together every day for 1000 nights. I read it whenever I don't want to think too hard. It's a book to relax with, although it has a sad element because the mom of the family leaves. I think it's great that the dad stuck to his commitment to read with his daughter. She perhaps would have been a very different girl if he had not.

My husband just finished reading this one to the 6 and 8 year olds last night. They have loved it! They would race to get it for him every night and would not let him forget that he was reading it to them. They would ask him to read even when we got home past 11 PM from being out as a family. I am one of the few people who haven't read it. Something to look forward to!

I finished this book last week! I loved it! Some may say it's too religious or overly dramatic, but I love it. I like Mrs. Stowe's humor. Sometimes her sarcasm comes through. I loved all her descriptions of homemaking and the power of mothers and women. I copied some of them on my other blog here

To help me understand the Civil War I am reading this book pictured above. I like to hear the "other side." This book tells a very different story from what I heard in public school: that the war was all about slavery, that Lincoln freed the slaves, and that the reason Lincoln sent reinforcements to Fort Sumter was because the Union men were starving. So far it is highly fascinating. I like that it points out that Lincoln stated in his inaugural address that he had no intention to free the slaves. The war was not about slavery, it was about economics.

I already read this book over a year ago but I am rereading the chapter about Fort Sumter to complement the PIG book above. Lincoln did some sneaky things during the period between the time of his presidential election and the firing on Fort Sumter. It explains how the Civil War was really about money and beliefs in governmental forms: statist empire or republic of republics.

We read this in two nights to my younger kids. A charming story about a girl who discovered fossils in the 1800s. She contributed to the family income this way. You could launch your kids into a study of dinosaurs and fossils with this book.  

Something about fall and apples every year makes me want to learn about Johnny Appleseed. I haven't read this to the little kids yet but we are going to, as it's waiting for us in the library bag. It looks delightful! Not too many words and lots of pictures, even a map. This makes me want to rush to bedtime so we can read it!

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