Saturday, February 9, 2013

Books for 2/9/13

I read this book and enjoyed it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I like the premise, it's basically the law of the harvest: you reap what you sow, or what you put out comes back to you. It's a business book but you can also apply it to relationships.

This book tells of some odd adventures of a brother and sister bear. It's rather far-fetched, but it's a good way to explore the idea of what the whole truth is versus the technical truth. The sister bear gets into trouble for not following the whole truth. Brother bear gets into trouble for being irresponsible. I like that it shows the two recognizing their mistakes and fixing them, This would be a great story to read to kids to talk about honesty and responsibility.

I love picture books like this that are based on true stories of bravery, with beautiful illustrations. This is a great story of a young girl living in Iowa in the 1800s who saves many lives. I love it already, even though I haven't finished reading it to the littles. 

This one is really fun. A great lesson in superlatives that will also make you laugh out loud. I love the illustrations with the little jokes based on the pets in the background. I had fun doing different voices with this one as I read it aloud to the littles. It's great to find light-hearted books that just make you laugh!

Dear husband finished reading this one to the littles (7 yog and 8 yob) last night. They loved it! I haven't read any of them but everybody I respect loves Tolkien. Except for me. I just can't read books where I can't pronounce the character names easily. But I wholeheartedly support these books because it seems like he was a great guy, a great influence on his buddy C.S. Lewis, and a good Christian and put Christian symbolism in his books. So go for it if you like his books!

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